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Forum Index : For Sale : Truckload panels $20 ea Gympie QLD

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Posted: 02:34am 15 May 2019
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Just a heads up If you are near Gympie and avail 23\5\2019

There are 8 pallet loads of panels coming ~ 250 panels from Brisbane. These are from solar roof repair jobs where normally if 1 panel is damaged the entire array has been replaced, these are coming site unseen and being sold as untested but we can do quick checks if there is full daylight when we unload for VOC, (I will allow swaps another week if something is wrong with the panel you chose if there is another working panel for $10 extra. I have no idea what will be in this load, I have a feeling these might only be 190w panels , as I did take 2x truck loads of 250 watt panels last time and there was 2x pallets of 190w in the last load.Normally the only damage has been from hail so these can be quickly sorted visually. I will need to know what panels you are after Watts / QTY so we can quickly sort through them as we unload , I will need payment before we start unloading then every one can unload directly onto their trailers etc this will help save double handling as everyone will be able to freely move around, and will refund if you do not end up with anything you were wanting ( also part refund if you return panel within a week for their scrap value $10 ) . so far at least a dozen people are wanting to see what is in the load, there are 15 pallets available if this is a good run and all panels are gone we can do another load. we are located 1km away from Gympie State High School , address given day prior. I also ask that you add your name to the list

https://bit.ly/2LILPAC, currently the day is Thursday 23rd

over 30 yes's and only 1 person filled in spread sheet jeez ,,
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