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Forum Index : For Sale : 2nd Edition OZINVERTER book/manual

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Joined: 23/10/2015
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Posted: 11:07am 30 Jun 2019
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Firstly my thanks to Neil for getting me here on the backshed.

My thanks to 'Oztules' as always, crikey was it really 2015 when the OzInverter started.

The 2nd edition, June 2019,is a complete re-write, and shows several types of OzInverter builds using the latest PCBs etc.

The New book is A4 size, 92 pages, 34,000 words, which is jammed packed with info and 221 colour photos and 12 diagrams. This 2nd edition is explicit about the build process.

I have also added, with the originators permissions, other relevant Inverter progressions and concepts. Thanks guys.

The 3 OzInverter PCB's are up-to-date, 2019, with an option 3, for the 60HZ version control board for our 60HZ 120vac USA friends.

I am offering 3 options for purchase through paypal, but please remember, As I have already said, “we are not a ‘charity’ and we are not a ‘commercial concern’ with this book & PCB’s, we just want to help others “.

For the 3 Options, please see ...... https://levivray.com/new-book--make-a-6kw-inverter.php

2nd Edition Index.

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Joined: 16/02/2019
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Posted: 06:34pm 30 Jun 2019
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Hey is the madness board in there

He has a nice big 8000 watt board

And a really nice 4000 Watt board



Joined: 23/10/2015
Location: France
Posts: 313
Posted: 07:57pm 01 Sep 2019
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I trust this helps for our friends in the USA ?


There are now 3 options.

1.  .... The Ozinverter 2nd edition book.
2. ..... The OzInverter 2nd edition book and the 3 PCB's for 50HZ.
3. ..... The OzInverter 2nd edition book and the 3 PCB's for 60HZ 120vac.

I also have a small stock of the SMD sub board PCB's, please ask if required.

Me rambling on a utube vid with a OzInverter, showing the insides and start up.

...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5s9B3RTF1QA
Everything is possible, just give me time.

3 HughP's 3.7m Wind T's (11 years). 5kW PV on 3 Trackers, (7 yrs). 9kW PV AC coupled SH GTI's. OzInverter created Grid. 1300ah 48v.

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