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Forum Index : For Sale : Used Solar Panels Bulk - Cairns Region

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Posted: 10:31am 03 Mar 2021
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I have a solar installer who removes bulk quantities of panels 250W and up.

Majority are working fine. Sometimes one has failed in an install so warranty replaces the whole lot. One might leak and have several meg-ohms to ground which GTIs don't like.

Last batch of 40 odd I got for a friend for less than $20 each. I picked up 22x 315W units for $20 each.

Cost covers the guys time to disconnect, remove & transport them carefully instead of just throwing them off the roof.... Goes into the X-mas beer fund. He has forklift & can put them on a pallet ready for your trailer or ute.

PM me for his contact info. His workshop is in South Cairns, near Edmonton.

It should work ...in theory
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