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Forum Index : For Sale : Powerjack 7KW 24V unit

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Posted: 07:59am 28 Nov 2022
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This unit was used with a 3KW Aerosharp toroid and worked well. 7 KW might be a big ask but that's what the seller called it.
As I'm now on a 48V battery that 24V inverter unit is surplus to requirement.

The unit is complete with power board & control board. It is wired with the power switch and a fan temperature controller. I include a suitable choke as well.

NOT included is a suitable toroidal transformer, fan(s), power wiring & switching, cabinet etc.
What's shown on the pictures is what you get.

Price? You tell me, I sell it to the highest reasonable bid plus postage if required (it's in Perth, WA). Shipping cost would be for a well packed parcel around 5kg.

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