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Forum Index : For Sale : 98 A Grade 4’x4’ .6V 3.6 amp Solar Cells

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Posted: 10:08pm 06 Dec 2014
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I can post this from Hamilton, Victoria or you're welcome to come pickup anytime just PM for pickup home address.

Brand new not used (just been getting dust on the box at home) selling due to not getting around to making the solar panel project. I bought panels instead so this suits the handyman that knows how to use these things (beyond me so grab a bargain and my loss) I paid $200 for them on ebay so $60 is cheap as you will find. $60 delivered anywhere Australia!

Harder to get these 4 x 4 inch cells A Grade they tell me.

Everything as seen in the photo! 98 A Grade 4'x4' .6V 3.6 amp Solar Cells plus the extras, bus rail, some clips, two diodes etc.

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