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Forum Index : For Sale : FINISHED - Electronics Surplus sale

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Joined: 19/02/2015
Location: Australia
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Posted: 09:12pm 19 Feb 2015
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VK3 Electronics-Surplus Garage Sale - THE LAST ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!

Private residence in Melbourne East suburbs, Blackburn North.
Email marty@oztoytech.com for Address details.

Here's pics of last weeks Sale on Sun 15th Feb 2015 to get an idea...
http://www.aussieradioforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=1 72

You can get an idea of parts/prices at the following forum:

1,000's of components and 100's of pieces of equipment are available each week.
(Many items change weekly as i unpack pallets from storage each week)

There are PLENTY more components & Connectors than what is on the forum, and much more coming each week as i dig out more.

ALL components are NEW unused stock from years of hoarding and leftovers from my projects/jobs.

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