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Forum Index : For Sale : Aerosharp 3kW Torroids

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Joined: 19/05/2008
Location: Australia
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Posted: 12:17am 03 Jan 2017
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as the title suggests

Outer 250V Winding removed leaving 230V windings behind + Mylar and copper shield.

Possibly now suitable for an oz-inverter type build, re-winding with a much Heavier Primary to allow use as an off grid inverter.

Asking $50 / pop + Freight. (was getting $20 / unit as simple scrap).
decent amount of work removing the outer and removing it from the inverter and typically the saving in freight cost more than makes up for the increase in cost of the torroid.

suggest project like this only suitable for experienced players.

More than 4 available now as described above.

I also have perhaps a dozen brand new Aerosharp 2kW 2 MPPT inverters, asking $350/ pop (+ freight from Perth should be $50-75 most places in Aus) and given they cost about $1500 new, i make that a bargain for a gurilla solar install or an OZ inverter build of some kind :)

Good luck - will be salvaging more this year as they come through - think some 50+ units available this year.


Luck favours the well prepared
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Joined: 26/07/2018
Location: Australia
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Posted: 11:46pm 17 Sep 2018
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I realise this AD is 20 months old, but do you still have any?.
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