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Posted: 04:26pm 28 Mar 2017
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Moving very soon, so everything must go...

1x SL190CE-27P solar panel, unused.
3x SST170-72M solar panels, unused.
Dingo D Series Solar Charger Controller, new.

SMA 1.1kw Grid tie Inverter, new.
Powerjack 24v-6kw inverter (2 toroid), little use.
Powerstar W7 24v-3kw inverter, little use.

10+ Muntle Webster (Vic) 0.4Ohm power resisters.
Other variable power resistors, various rangers.

Mason M8226 0-30V Dual Tracking power supply.
Protek 6502A 20Mhz oscilloscope.

1x Olex 98m 70mm2 XL Elastomer (double insulated
orange flex), new. Note:77kg.

35m lugged battery cables, various lengths.
various other sizes and length flex cable.
And other bits 'n' pieces...

Any fair reasonable price considered.
Melbourne northern suburbs, local pickup preferred.

Thanks, Russ.

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