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Joined: 14/09/2005
Location: Australia
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Posted: 02:21am 15 Sep 2019
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I'm a bit tired of starting again ,so this might bring some results ..

I  have the tower ,all be it not able to lift my present heavy Chinese turbine-thats another story.

So , what I'm thinking --- there may be forum guys out there that have unfinished or finished projects ,that have proved to not be suitable for your location or you have moved on to other projects..

I'm wanting something that is around the 20 Kg weight or less for my tower .
I'm willing to finish it off to start-up stage ,have most of the gear ,just am interested in the mill . 48 volt is my gear at present, along with my 48 volt controller and battery bank.

I'll pay ,don't want it for nothing .


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