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Joined: 14/09/2005
Location: Australia
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Posted: 05:46am 23 Aug 2022
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Hi Forum members,

I'm starting to re-engineer my windmill tower.  I need a Magnetic drill to cut some fairly large holes for the bolts.

I would be interested in hiring, loan, or purchase a drill that would take up to ,say, 16 mm holes or thereabouts..

( and any willing strong guy who would like to earn some pocket money ,  you could drill the holes for me ?.

I'm 78 now and would love to work alongside someone who is keen . Hinterland of the Gold Coast.

My existing tower is 60 feet and a bit tall for the strong (120Kph0 winds we  have had here) , so going to shorten her a 10 Mtrs or so and build a new windmill..

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