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Joined: 02/07/2014
Location: South Africa
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Posted: 07:29pm 06 Jun 2019
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Hello TBS and droceretik,

All this kite stuff is fascinating, but has there been much in the way of answers
for his data-logging?
I've dredged thru all the MMite documentation and TBS threads and have had some leads
but so far this is the closest user-case I can find.
I've built a couple of MMite devices -successfully- so have basic experience to go
further. I reckon it's a dead-ringer for this job.

My current project:-
1. It's a measurement and control box for a laboratory materials QC machine.
2. Users will be carrying out a number of different programmed tests on materials
on a daily basis. The machine must read e.g. a load cell, and provide closed-loop
control to a mechanism which applies a loading profile to a sample.
3. The controller must also log the load, timestamp on a 1sec tick, displacement data
& retain this along with boring things like sample ID, lab location etc., etc.
Some manipulation of the test data must be done in the controller for presentation
at End-of-Test (EoT), on the front panel. QC pass/fail deductions and so on.
4. I've selected a MMite II with the MX170 PIC, an ILI9341 LCD with TScreen (2.8").
the ADC etc., isn't relevant to this discussion but is I2C readable.
5. I'm very familiar with I2C so have designed most of the gadget around it.
6. I fancy using the 16F1455 Microbridge a la backpack too. This will allow field
re-programming via a PC > USB port and MMEdit.
7. Already I have my mits on _all_ the components but still can't firm up one last
need. That's to data-log all the test data in such a way that the user can
unplug the logger physically, carry/drive with it to a PC and read the lot into
an Excel or an OpenSource spreadsheet.

Seeing that there's already a microbridge USB <> serial device on board how can I go
about utilising it to load a file on demand into e.g. a USB stick?
I envisage that the machine will have enough EEPROM memory on-board to retain _all_
the machine's data from birth-to-death and that this would be uploaded to the USB stick as one big file at each request. Anyway this is not a firm necessity.

Any ideas or pointers anyone? I hate reinventing wheels....

rgds, John


Joined: 03/01/2018
Location: Australia
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Posted: 07:00am 07 Jun 2019
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Hi Jsand.

I can't really help you here but it may be better to pose the question on the "Microcontroller & PC"forum to ensure more people read it.



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