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Posted: 11:30am 05 Jul 2019
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Hi, interesting site!

My main interest is microcontrolers, and I've done a lot of work on Arduinos and similar. But although I played with PIC chips a while back, and have a Pickit 3 and some 8-bit PICs, I only recently found out about the PIC32 and Geoff's brilliant work on the MicroMite, MaxiMite, etc.

I've built a couple of MaxiMites, first a UBW32 hack version, and now a proper kit. What a wonderful little computer - takes me back to many happy hours programming PET, Spectrum, Amiga, ...

I suppose this is (very) old news, but I found one bug in the MaxiMite V4.5C Attempting to print a really big float crashes the machine. Interestingly, there is no error generated when the too-large variable is created - only when it's printed.

A = 1E40:PRINT A

Now I'm off to surf the forum and learn something...

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