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Forum Index : Microcontroller and PC projects : CMM2: Direction Movement Keycheck

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Joined: 19/07/2020
Location: United States
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Posted: 03:51am 20 Jul 2020
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I'm just starting out with the CMM2, and I wanted a good keycheck method that doesn't rely on the typematic repeat.  This allows for diagonal movement, for example, and can be expanded for two-player games using WASD as well.

Here's my solution:

 print @(100,100) "   UP:" u_pressed
 print @(100,200) " DOWN:" d_pressed
 print @(100,300) " LEFT:" l_pressed
 print @(100,400) "RIGHT:" r_pressed

 for keycode = 128 to 131
   pressed = 0
   for key = 1 to 6
     if keydown(key) = keycode then pressed = 1
   if keycode = 128 then u_pressed = pressed
   if keycode = 129 then d_pressed = pressed
   if keycode = 130 then l_pressed = pressed
   if keycode = 131 then r_pressed = pressed
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