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Posted: 09:03am 16 May 2022
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  Rickard5 said  Mr Thwill ...

Call me "Tom".

  robert.rozee said  The minimum requirements for MMbasic are a PIC32 MX170 processor. this has:
*       256k flash (ROM)
*       64k RAM
*       40MHz processor
these far exceed the hardware of the ZX spectrum or BBC micro.

What he said .

MMBasic has a much bigger footprint than either the Spectrum ROM (16K) or the BBC Micro ROM (32K). In my opinion Geoff, Peter and myself can't hold a candle to the creators of those, especially BBC BASIC by Sophie (previously Roger) Wilson which was widely acknowledged then and now as an amazing piece of work.

Why would you want this anyway, what would you hope to achieve ?

Best wishes,

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