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I've wanted to make a CNC router for some time now. I first used a cnc router a few years ago when I worked for a jigsaw making business, we had one cnc router and two small laser cutters. The router was capable of machining aluminum, but we mainly used it for making timber signs and the occasional engraving job. On the weekends I used the laser cutters and router to make all sorts of things, from speaker boxes to windmill parts.

UPDATE... After a couple of years in storage, I've finally started to use my CNC table again. Here's the rebuild..

Multicam CNC router, 1200X1200 bed, vacuum table.

I left the business to work for a larger engineering company to manage their new 5kW laser cutter, but I missed the CNC router.

Another of my hobbies, windmills, meant I spent some time searching the internet for windmill related web sites, and I stumbled across Terrys windmill site. Terry had built his own CNC router, on his web site were a couple of movies your could watch of his router in action, and I was hooked. I just had to build one.

So I started some internet research into other home made cnc routers, and soon realised there was a lot more to home made routers than I first thought. Its a big learning curve, with a lot of redesign and rebuilding along the way. But at the end of it all I can now say I have a working and useful CNC router in my workshop.

My own CNC router

This web site explains how I built my CNC router, the problems I had along the way, and some useful information to share with anyone else wanting to build their own CNC router. Enjoy.