PicoMite(VGA) V5.07.05 draft manuals - please review

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Posted: 04:04pm 03 Sep 2022      

  matherp said  PicoMite_User_ManualV5.07.05draft1.pdf


Please find attached draft manuals for V5.07.05. These should include the new functionality as specified in this thread. Nearly all of this relates to the VGA version but there are minor enhancements to the standard PicoMite as well.

In addition Geoff and I have tried to deal with the various comments on the manuals received since V5.07.04.

If you had specific comments please review the manuals to see if they have been dealt with and post if their are still omissions


I noticed a couple of issues on the contents page of the PicoMiteVGA manual, regarding p18.
Using the I/O pins is listed as p18, incorrectly.
Graphics Commands and Functions is listed out of order. It correctly says p18.