ILI9488 MISO Fault Question

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Posted: 02:41pm 03 Dec 2022      

  stanleyella said  

Hi DrifterNL. Have you got blit working? What others think sorted is not.
The solutions get touch and sd card to work and coloured filled circles
so assume all is ok, when it is not.
I found option reset and setup needed to get lcd back to no 680R and blit working but touch and sd card do not.
The comment "no one has this problem" is just me.
I do not think the display is faulty, except miso problem, so I will find a use for it but do not know if touch and interrupts work yet.
As is, a nice display but compared to ili9341 is too time taking, ili9341 works no prob.
2 resistors, about <700R, see if I got 1K pot.

Resistor Solution:
I didn't try.

Diode and Resistor Solution:
I tried this and it didn't work for me. I was getting wrong colour values and when I turned the diode around the touch screen stopped working. I didn't do any further tests after that.

Transistor and Resistor Solution:
Click Me
I tried this as well and at first it didn't work.
Only after turning the transistor around, c -> e and e -> c, did it work, as shown here.
BLIT -> works.
Pixel -> works, correct colour values
Touchscreen -> works.
SD card reader -> works.
I am using an SD card adapter module , not the one on the LCD screen.
This is the one I'm using -> SD Card Adapter  
Hope this info helps out some!
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