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Forum Index : Solar : Batteries and Charging

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Joined: 23/10/2015
Location: France
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Posted: 08:30am 03 Mar 2022
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Hi Davo99,

I have 2 U tube vids up, the first is my eldest boy going all arty farty crafty.

The second is me being pushed by said eldest boy to do a tech discussion for his mates at Uni, when in truth i was really knackered after a long day.

So hence me talking about amperage instead of the main cable feeds being a minimum of 50mm/2.

Now that second U tub vid even sends me to sleep. hahaha.

Everything is possible, just give me time.

3 HughP's 3.7m Wind T's (14 years). 5kW PV on 3 Trackers, (10 yrs). 21kW PV AC coupled SH GTI's. OzInverter created Grid. 1300ah 48v.


Joined: 01/09/2020
Location: Australia
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Posted: 08:31am 27 Nov 2022
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  Davo99 said  
Does anyone have any suggestions for how to charge 48v Other than from solar. IE, with an engine?

I use a cheap chinese 1kva generator with a cheap chinese battery charger for the required voltages.

I've never actually had to depend on it, but I do run/test it every couple of months, It's good for about 500-600 net watts from a charger.
Off grid man caver
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