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Joined: 03/06/2019
Location: Australia
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Posted: 01:00pm 26 Dec 2019
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  Trev said  
If anyone knows of a Tesla, or any EV, towing 1100kg going up these hills ..... or up Toowoomba range, west of Brisbane, please post it. I am curious to know if it is possible.

Here is a Tow test from Sydney to Bathurst with a Van.
There was no problem with the Tesla Pulling the van, but the plummeting range I think would make it a rather impractical vehicle for most people.

Charging a tesla from other sources than superchargers, especially if only a single phase outlet was available would be a slow process and I don't even know Grey Nomads that would want to take that long to get places. I have an aunt and uncle that have done more of the big lap than the Leyland brothers and it can be a fair distance between drinks even with dinosaur Juice.


The take away I get from the test is towing with electrics in the foreseeable future is going to remain impractical for all intents and purposes at this level.
Sure, towing a speed boat not to far from home to the water and back probably won't be a problem but for serious long distance towing, no.

The The tesla range and power is not likely to be exceeded by anything practical and affordable so some time. As in the comparison, The Tesla they had was $190K and the Cruiser was $100K.  $90K will also for the foreseeable future buy a LOT of fuel and you also have the range and far less downtime benefit.
To get better than the Tesla you are going to have to pony up for a Rivian or the like and they are going to be major money and again, The towing range isn't going to come neat that of a Cruiser or even something like the load of cheaper Tradie utes around with 3 ton towing Capacity.

My Neighbour has a Very large and tall van and tows that with his 10 YO Nissan Navara.  He reckons he still averages 8 Km/ L even with the van on the back... which is why he says he'll never sell the thing. Having greater range and Power than a tesla is just not something EV manufacturers are prioritising. If you look at the new EV's coming out, none of them but the very specialist things can compete with the Tesla and it's not because they can't, it's because they don't percieve the need to.

Maybe in 10 years there will be things like EV Cruisers, they are doing an EV F-150 I hear but again, the price difference in a capeable EV to take on a run of the Mill IC is going to take a LONG time in reality despite the parroted and baseless " They will get Cheaper " Claims.

Don't know what happened to Boppa, maybe he's still bringing his trailer back with a Push bike or something. I think the tone and attitude of his post and " challenge " was out of place and flawed which is what I pointed out.

I'm not against EV's, I am very much against over hyping, Fan Boi Bullsh*t and trying to ram things down peoples throats with flawed and poorly thought out beliefs they don't live up to. Wouldn't matter if it were EV's or anything else.

EV's are not yet replacements for IC's in towing anything near heavy for long distances.  All comes down to the fact that energy saturation is batteries is a VERY long way from that of liquid fuel and is going to be for decades to come.
One day they may exceed it but for now, we'll have to be more patient.

Joined: 31/07/2019
Location: Australia
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Posted: 08:55am 29 Dec 2019
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Not much point getting obsessed with towing. It is a rare event in city traffic in any case. In fact the next time you are stuck in a gridlock, look around for the fossil burner that has broken down, bonnet up, wasting thousands of cars fuel.

Mind you with EV's in the bush blocks these businesses  would probably not be viable.    

Joined: 03/06/2019
Location: Australia
Posts: 1578
Posted: 06:20am 30 Dec 2019
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  zeitfest said  Not much point getting obsessed with towing. It is a rare event in city traffic in any case.

I have just got back from about 1000Km of driving in the manical Holiday traffic up and down the east coast of Oz.  Had no choice, had to do it. I'll have to do it again in one weeks time But I'll be able to travel at night at least and avoid the complete and utter shipfight.

While your claim of towing in the city ( which no one has mentioned till now) may have some truth to it ( and I certainly would not call  it anything like rare in my part of the world)  I would say somewhere around 10-20% of the holiday traffic I saw was towing something. Trailers loaded with camping gear ( and WTF is it everyone has to take bikes with them every damn where?)caravans, and boats were VERY common.
These vehicles are going many hundreds of KM at a time. There is also no shortage of vehicles with interstate plates which where I saw them, would put them a Minimum of 500 Km from home.

My long and frequent real world logistic example of the Problem with EV's was once again perfectly demonstrated.  Service stations between the major sections of the Highway were backed up out the sliproads back onto the highway.If they can't handle the volume of vehicles now when refuelling takes less than 10 min, probably often 5 on my own account, how are they going to handle it when recharging takes an hour or even 30 Min?

I have heard endless flawed rubbish about how this will happen but none of them practical, realistic or actually makes sense. Even if one says  cars will charge in minutes because they will use 300Kw Chargers, that still does not add up. If you have 50 outlets which is the number of pumps now and each one is pulling 100KW even Plus you have the many hundreds of KW the centre itself would be pulling in AC, and cooking facilities alone, Where the hell you going to get all the power from? To say they will put in more generation to meet it is laughable. They can't even keep up on hot days now when everyone hit the grid for 3-5kw for AC. Australia's grid is 20+ years behind where it needs to be and it's going to go further backwards a lot more than it will progress.

Of course that demand would be one centre. On the highways there is often one each side of the highway plus the ones in the town itself.  Have someone who is towing hitting the grid for 100 KW every 160 Km which would in a LOT of cases still have them in the same main feeder areas.... YA!
Flying cars will be in before the grid in most 1st world countries is scaled up to handle that.
Oh, don't forget all the trucks as well that will be looking for a recharge.  

  Quote  In fact the next time you are stuck in a gridlock, look around for the fossil burner that has broken down, bonnet up, wasting thousands of cars fuel.

I'm sorry but I find you claims and statements very unrealistic.
I was stuck in traffic for at least 90 min up and an hour back. I did not see one single broken down vehicle causing the holdups. What I saw was thousands of cars all trying to go the same way at the same time. THAT is what caused the gridlocks, slow moving traffic on the highway and the congestion in every town and roadside business.

Perhaps you are a person that never or rarely drives outside the city so don't see much outside of that. I saw a LOT of similar people on the road last few Days. No Effing Idea how to drive on a highway at highway speeds and clearly haven't got the first clue about road rules on the highway either..... Like get the fluck in the slow lane if you want to do 20 under the limit and let the competent people get where they are going in a timely manner and without the danger these inept morons cause.
If the speed limit is too fast for you when you are travelling in a modern vehicle on a clear , dry day, take the back road or a plane.

I take it your statement was not supposed to lead us to believe that EV's don't break down because that would be totally laughable and flawed position. If someone were to make such an incompetent inference, There is already more than enough documented and well publicised incidences of that to show it up as being ridiculous.

I can see in the near Future a lot more cars on the side of the road causing holdups that have ran out of power though not having enough charge or not being charged than I can IC's Breaking down. Hard enough to get women to put Fuel in a car now. Just wait till they have to remember to plug the things in and not drive off with them still plugged in.

  Quote  Mind you with EV's in the bush blocks these businesses  would probably not be viable.    

You really are quite Ignorant to the way the motor industry works. Either that or have either convinced yourself that EV's which are just cars with a different form of motive power and a huge amount of electronics are somehow immune from breaking down or mal functioning. Perhaps you have also been mislead and believe that they don't need servicing or be maintained as well.  Don't tell me, You have heard  they don't need oil changes so think that's all the the work a vehicle ever needs.

I will bet my arse you walk into a Tesla service center or any place that touches EV's or anything else and that is EXACTLY what they will have.

When people over hype and misrepresent some product, service or Cause, They really do it an injustice by creating false and misleading ideas about things that only lead to disappointment or resentment when people discover they are not true.
If something really is as good as it is championed to be, it does not need to be lied about or over hyped. People will soon catch on and it will take off all by itself.

To me, people over hyping and misrepresenting things is far more of an indication they don't have the confidence in the thing as they claim and therefore think it needs to be sold as better than it really is to get people on board.
That's called a " Tell" in poker and it would have big, red, flashing warning lights on it in that situation.

Imagining a 10-20 year jump into the future, I see nothing that EV's would change in my last couple of days real world driving experience.
They won't make traffic Jams go away, There sure as hell won't ease congestion at refuelling service centres and places like food outlets. They won't remove Idiot Drivers no matter how much self driving there is, There will still be accidents, roadworks, people towing, Flat tires, learner drivers and all the other holiday fun.
The same goes for city traffic. They also won't blow Unicorns and Fairys out their non existant tail Pipes as some seem to espouse is something else EV's will do.

People seem to think EV's are going to make everything different.
All they are going to do is make the delays in getting where you are going on holidays a LOT slower particularly if you are towing anything.
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