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Posted: 08:43pm 17 Jan 2021
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  thwill said  
1. Provide an easy workflow to restore OPTIONs lost after a firmware update, e.g. OPTION LOAD <filename>. Where the file contains a list of OPTIONs and values. Possibly an OPTION SAVE <filename> counterpart too.

I have a file on the PC with my options.
Using MMUploader, it takes a few seconds to reload the options.
(and reset the clock)
I assume you could put together something similar for the RPi.

But I do think the ability to read a batch file or shell script would be handy.

Re the new mode 12.
Previously mode 12 was my best.
Now mode 12 simply cycles through the primary colours. I am not sure what my monitor is trying to tell me, but it sure doesn't like it!

It all started with the ZX81....
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