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Forum Index : Microcontroller and PC projects : Found a new toy to play with

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Posted: 07:15am 27 Sep 2022
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Oh, some of my prototypes look far worse. :) I used to build bits of valve amplifier "christmas tree" style. Truly wonderful to look at and with a tendency to give a nasty "HT bite". Life changed and stopped being painful when I discovered 5V. :)

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Posted: 10:53am 27 Sep 2022
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  gadgetjack said  Mick , you found way more than I had on this little project. Thanks for the great leads.  I was wanting to find some info on the basic language layout they used and you found it.  A little google translate and off we go.

Has anyone ever got Invaders working in MMBasic?


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Posted: 11:07am 27 Sep 2022
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  lew247 said  Has anyone ever got Invaders working in MMBasic?

Hi Lewis,


- In Defence of the Green Hills of Earth by @vegipete
- Space Invaders ported by @capsikin from original work by Fabrice Muller

- PicoVaders by @Martin H

And there is probably at least one other legacy version on Fruit of the Shed.

Best wishes,

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