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Forum Index : Electronics : Random Unexplained Inverter Failures

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Posted: 06:07pm 20 Nov 2021
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  wiseguy said  
  analog8484 said  
Yes, it looks that way.  Definitely a design compromise.  Are you aware of a high frequency inverter with more robust design?

My only experience with HF inverters are limited to Xantrex and Meanwell.
Meanwell is one of the better Asian manufacturer & suppliers of inverters and they do stand behind their warranties.

Xantrex have a very good name and are a bit more expensive usually than the rest. I would probably go Xantrex for best reliability and support.

I would not be scared off though just by the origins of Meawell either, if they have a similar unit at half the price it all depends on how you trade off reliability and inconvenience if it fails against purchase price etc.

Others may have different or more recent & relevant opinions too - my first hand experience is now 5+ years out of date.

Yeah, I am aware of Xantrex has decent customer service but it seems their inverter quality has deteriorated in recent years.  More importantly I've seen consistent complaints that their inverters can't deliver the rated power for long.  So, hard to see paying premium for that.

I am also familiar with Mean Well power supplies which are great.  I had no idea they make inverters.  Apparently great ones at that.  I found this video that makes me want to get one:

I can't really find complaints about their reliability or power.  It's surprising not more people talk about them.  It does have premium pricing but looks worthwhile given the reliability. The major question I have is their customer support capability in the US but perhaps it's not a real issue given their inverters don't fail that much.
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