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Posted: 08:59pm 22 Feb 2024
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Hi again Murphy, I forgot to say that the charger will not be running off the battery.
I only put the charger on the car when the batteries are full and there is plenty of solar energy coming in to run the charger.
I have checked the current the inverter pulls when putting 15 amps into the car and it is 160 amps.
The solar system can easily supply that, it is just keeping the transformer cool that I am working on.
I have a fan in the inverter that comes on at 45 degrees, it works great.
The new transformer I am making will be bigger and arranged for better cooling too.
So fingers crossed.
I really don't want to have to change all my regulators ( 8) and buy more batteries and inverters.
Just better in my way of thinking to drive less ( which is easily done as we live in paradise).
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