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Hugh Piggott has been building windmills for years and is highly respected in his home country of Scottland and internationally. Hugh conducts regular windmill building workshops and has written several books, see http://www.scoraigwind.com/books/books.htm
Another highly respected web site. Based in the USA, but has a large international following. Check out the discussion board and Links pages.
Some great Fisher & Paykel generator idea's, plus a source of Fisher & Paykel parts. Michael sells complete windmills and water wheels using F&P motors, so if you would rather buy a completed windmill instead of building one, I would recommend visiting his site.
Home built renewable electrical power in the UK mainly wind turbines but also hydro, solar and gas. Small site with big ideas, if you are working to expand on your own basic information and knowledge then this is a good place to start.
Ed has put together a very informative web site, with lots of wind projects and ideas. And he can supply windmill bits for the hobbyist. Worth a visit.

Now this is an interresting read. This person had to go though a lot of paperwork before he could built a windmill tower on his rural property. Has a lot of interresting windmill facts and myths.
Terry has built a few wind turbines using his CNC router to machine the timber blades. A lot of the inspiration for my CNC came from Terrys site, and he has been very helpfull.
Bens windmill site. I've watched this site grow over the last couple of years and it just keeps getting better. Check out his "recharge pod".
I love this site. It gives wind direction and speed for just about anywhere on the planet. You just select your location, and it will tell you todays wind conditions, forcast for the week, and yearly averages. Great site.
http://www.yourgreendream.comHomemade solar, wind and green power diy instructions, information and projects to generate energy at home. There is also a section on reconnecting F &P motor as a alternator.
Paul Perryman's home made windmill, lots of good photos.
UIUC Airfoil Coordinates Database. Very handy
Royal Fabrication in the USA make replacement timber blades for the Wincharger windmills. They can also make blades to custome sizes, worth a look.
Randy has a range of windmill projects and kits. He's also a supplier of F&P parts in the USA.
From Canada is Rob Beckers solar and windmill site, be sure to check out his forum Green Power Talk.
Windmill workshops and courses for our friends in Ireland
Some radical home windmill projects, and home to the famous blade calculator.
Herb and Barbarra's web site showing their home grown green projects, including solar and wind.
Jonathan ( imsmooth on the forum ) has put together a excellent series of pages that explain the chainsaw method in detail.
"people interested in the history and preservation of the wind powered battery generators known by the brand name Wincharger".
Lots of info and photos.

WindPower Engineering is an engineering resource built specifically for design, installation, and construction of Wind Energy Systems. www.windpowerengineering.com

Based at Long Island, NY, USA, Windsine is a renewable energy design and installation company. Informative web site.

Wind in the Bush
"The most informative, comprehensive, and up-to-date pages on Australian wind power and wind farms. "

Vintage Windmills
American based online magazine mostly about farm pumping windmills.

Windy Nation is windmill parts supplier on the west coast of the USA. Link
Web site devoted to VAWT's ( vertical wind turbines ). Has a very active forum community at www.vawts.net

A customized wind generator for every client's application, taking back America one turbine at a time. Hurricane Wind Generators are imagined, engineered, sourced, manufactured, and crafted in the United States. http://www.hurricanewindpower.com/

Benjamin Murton has put together a facebook page and instructables page about his F&P windmill builds. Check them out at...




A greate web site about "Do It Yourself" solar installations. Covers a range of topics, even how to design a solar friendly house.
Lonny has put together this general interrest site about solar and wind systems.
Home made solar water heater.
An article at Mother Earth News about a home made solar water heater.
Wikipedia solar cell page.
Wikipedia has a lot of information about solar cells.
Solar Power in Australia
"This page deals with solar power in Australia and major Australian solar power projects. It is independent of any company, lobby group, or government."
Sun Tracker.
A tool by SunEarthTools.com to calculate the sun angles for your location at different times of the day and season.

Electric Vehicles

Trev's converted his work ute to electric, and can supply the parts for your own EV conversion. Also cheack out his progress in the Forums
Davids EV conversion. Check out his page explaining why perpetual motion machines cant work, good reading
Basic Motor Theory
Text book page showing how motors ( and alternators ) work, from the basics to advanced designs.
EV Australia
Australian based Electric Vehicle site with forum.
Wilderness EV
Home of the True EV Car Kits, and completed electric cars!
Plasma Boy Racing
Who says electric cars are slow!

Electronics from beginner to experienced

All About Circuits
This site starts with the basics ( volts and amps ) and goes right up to more advanced topics like R/L reasonance. A good place to start for the beginner.
have put together this basic electronics web site, check out the section that explains how batteries work.
Lessons in Electric Circuits
Download a free set of textbooks on Electronics.
Bowdens Hobby Circuits
Collection of circuits for the hobbiest
Another collection of circuits for the hobbiest
Hobby Projects to Build, that work
More circuits for the hobbiest
Based in the UK, Spencer makes a range of data logging circuits that can be used for windmill/solar tracking.
Chris Simpson's web site has lots of clever electronics projects, info on alternative energy, and even instructions on how to make a composting toilet. Make sure you check out his projects page.
Elliott Sound Products
... has a great range of electronics articles, well written and easy to understand.
Circuits for the Hobbiest
Even more circuits.
Australian based electronics forum, lots of PicAxe stuff.

Micro Controllers

Revolution Education
PICAXE chips, downloads and manuals for this popular chip.
Picaxe suppliers in Australia
Geoff Graham's Projects
Home of the Maximite Computer

Vasi's ( honourable forum member ) Country Laboratory web site.
Lots of PIC based projects for RE and CNC.

General Interrest

Silicon Chip Magazine Oatley Electronics

Aussie Magnets. Rare earth magnet suppliers

Apex Magnets, USA
Frenergy Magnets, Brisbane Australia. Risheng Magnets

Some usefull info on stepper motors, and using them for generators
zones/supplier/ 18_motor_mfg/
Interresting article about motors in comercial appliances, and a special mention and interresting facts about the F&P motor.
Energy Planet