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Many of the projects on TheBackShed involve using electricity at potentially dangerous levels. Knowledge of electricity and its effects is your best defence against a deadly accident. If you do not understand the basics of AC power, the difference between single and 3 phase, and ohms law, then I highly recommend you visit All About Circuits, and in particular read the section ELECTRICAL SAFETY.

Always use extreme caution when experimenting with electricity. TheBackShed assumes you have a high level of electrical knowledge and safety awareness before you proceed with any project published on this site, and takes no responsibility for any injury or damage to property.

Rule of thumb....

"There will be absolutely
no wind for several days
after you have built your
first windmill! "

Originally this web site was mostly about windmills, a hobby of mine, as windmills are one of the cheapest ways to make your own clean electricity. In fact the web site was once called "DIY Windmills". Most of the windmills show here at The Back Shed are based on the motor from a Fisher and Paykel washing machine. These motors are very easy to find here in Australia and make excellent windmill generators.



Privacy Policy.....

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This web site is here for anyone with an interest in making their own clean renewable power, plus anything else you might get up to in The Back Shed. The projects and information here has been put together with the help of other back shed enthusiasts from around the world, and all information is open source and free.

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Home made solar panels.

Oz shows us how to build long lasting solar panels.

Introducing the Maximite. Its a powerfull palm sized computer thats runs BASIC. With 20 I/O pins, a VGA and keyboard port, its got some real potential.


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Pete explains the process of building PCB boards using the UV film method.


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Using a car alternator and a small petrol motor, you can build a very handy portable charger.

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A look at building a expanded scale analogue volt meter.

Mini Mill Battery Charger
Taking about 30 minutes to make from old computer parts, the Mini Mill will can charge a couple of Nicad batteries.

Chainsaw Blades!
Forum member Oztules shows us how he made his windmill blades with a chainsaw.

Using the Alegro current sensor chips.

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If you have a question, and cant find the answer here, then try posting your question on the Forums page where I know you would get a reply in no time at all.