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Click below to see a YouTube video
of the PVC blades in action.


Looking for a nose cone?

Trevor has blank fibreglass nose
cones for only $30AU.  
Click here to contact Trev.

Extruded PVC blades.  

Whether you looking for a easy to build turbine, or a airfoil to experiment with, then these cheap PVC extrusions could be what you're looking for. They are available from forum member Anthony ( Jarbar ) and can be ordered below.

These blades were designed as a easy to use general all rounder windmill blade. They are based on the GOE222 airfoil, which has a proven record in wind turbines and has been used by the Windcharger wind turbines for many decades. The profile works well over a wide range of attack angles, meaning the blade has a wide power band compared to other high speed profiles. This also means the blades can be used with no twist[1]. The blades are silent in operation.

For information on mounting the blades, see the Mounting Extruded Blades article.

The blades come fitted with the end caps, so you need to specify the direction of your turbine rotation, either clockwise or counter clockwise, looking at the turbine face on. If you wish Anthony can leave the end caps off and just include them with the delivery, however he still needs to know which way the turbine spins so he can supply the correct end caps. In reality, with these blades, the direction of rotation is not important. However from a cosmetic point of view, if you have more than one windmill, it looks much better if all turbines rotate in the same direction. Windmills rotating in opposite directions looks weird.

Additional end caps are available on request. The end caps are there to keep water out and stop the extrusion ends whistling as the turbine rotates. Early prototype end caps had a small wing let included in the mould, the current end caps do not. However they are a better fit to the PVC extrusion and you can easily attach a wing let made from plastic to the end cap if you want to experiment.

Where possible, Anthony will use the postal service to send the blades. Post is much less expensive than courier, but limits the max blade length to 1m. So if possible, keep your blade length to 1 meter or less. If you want a longer blade, you have two options.

  1. Place an order for a longer blade and pay the higher delivery charge, or
  2. Order shorter lengths and join the blades together.

Because the blades use the steel tube for strength, its possible to join shorter lengths of blade together to make a longer blade. If you wanted 3 blades at 1.5m long, you could order 3 at 1m and 3 at 0.5m, and save a lot of money on the delivery.

If you wish to inquire about ordering a set of the extruded PVC blades, please fill in the form below. Anthony will calculate the total cost and send you an email with his payment details and asking you to confirm your order and delivery address. Please allow a day or two ( longer for weekends ) for the return email.

You can email Anthony for more information, remember to include your shipping address, and the number and lengths of blades required.


The PVC extrusion is $32.ooAU per meter, suggested max length of 1 meters[4]. Price does not include delivery or additional end caps. No warranty is given as we have no control of the fitting and use of the PVC extrusion. If you are not happy with the product, please return for a full refund before fitting ( drilling holes, cutting, heating ).

Payments to be made to a BSB. No COD. Delivery commenced on confirmation of funds transfer.
Postage by courier to be determined by weight/distance and confirmed prior to dispatch.
Delivery dependent on distance 4 to 10 days Australia/New Zealand
Nominal Blade weight 1.2Kg/mt @ $32.ooAU/mt
End caps fitted to suit C/W rotation unless otherwise specified.
End caps add approx 8mm extra to cut length of blades.
Internal diameter of blade to suit 25/25.4 mm OD tube.