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Glenn's ( that's me ) RE setup.

Well my own RE installation is a bit of a mess at the moment, but its working so I'll leave it for now. Its a 12v system.

There are 3 solar panels, two near new 80 watt and one very sad 70 watt panel that's making about 20 watts. So all up I have about 180 watts of solar feeding into my PicAxe windmill charge controller set up as a solar regulator for now, its does the trick. For batteries I'm using 2 near new 100AH deep cycle batteries, and 4 2nd hand truck batteries ( 2 at 1400CCA and 2 at 1500CCA, not sure on the AH rating of these but it should be good, they weight a ton! ). All batteries are connected in parallel, along with a Megapulse. The 80 watt panels, 100AH batteries and Megapulse came from Trev ( Foundry and Fibreglass ). The batteries ( except for two on top ), controller and inverted are housed in an old robot control cabinet.

My current windmill is a dual stator with the staggered connections, and a 6 blade turbine made from PVC pipe. Its been a good windmill this, no intention of changing a thing.

I don't use the power as much as I could. Currently the 12v supplies a string of garden lights, a couple of 12v Fluro yard lights, a 600 watt inverter to power the shed lights, the shed radio and portable TV. Usually by 10 am next day the batteries are fully charged and the controller has switched off the panels.



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