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Martin's windmill.  


"It was a long and drawn out process over about 14 months. It is based on the Axial flux design. The blades are 3.6m dia and its designed to produce upto about 2.2 Kw @12v I haven't seen that much yet. Open circuit has been 22v. And under load I have seen above 38 amps a 16v so where a long way of max yet.
The coils 3 phase are wound with 2.24 mm copper wire and are 38 turns the three coils for each phase are a single wire the reduce solder joints, the coil has only 1 solder joint this gives me a star pattern.
The magnets pic is preparing the magnets on the rotors the sikaflex is there to keep water out rather than keep the magnets apart.
Coil winder (just a coil winder). Stator is what gives us the power.

I have started on a 5kw mill and soon hope to send pics..and hope to start on one of your data acquisition module sometime in the future"

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