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More pedal generator links can
be found on Google, and there
are lots of pedal generator
videos on YouTube. Use the
search term Pedal Generator.


Pedal Power.  

I remember as a kid at school learning about pedal powered radios. These were radio transceivers connected to a pedal powered generator, invented by Alfred Traeger in Australia, 1929. Used in remote locations, they were the primary form of communication in outback Australia for many years.

You can read more about the pedal radio here

Pedal power is still used today and there are commercial pedal generators available.

This pedal generator is available for about $550 US and can be pedaled or hand cranked. Power output is 30 to 60 watts, at 12 volts.

More info here.

The average person can pedal 50 watts of power using their legs. Over 100 watts can be achieved for a few minutes, depending on how fit you are. Pedal power makes you appreciate how hard it is to make watts. For example, to toast a slice of bread would take about 10 average people on pedal generators.

Building your own pedal generator.

Some of our forum members have built their own pedal generators ( alternators ). Click on the links to see how they did it. If you've built you own pedal powered generators and would like to share the details, you can contact me on the About Us page

Peters custom-built axial flux generator.
Click Here.

Gills F&P based compound machine.
Click Here

John's F&P based cycle.
Click Here.

Bj from BJBlaster has built three pedal generators. Click Here for his renewable projects page, and Here for his main web site.

The "Ben Genny" project from THEWORKSHOP.CA
Click Here

Dave's pedal power machine.
Click Here



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