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Forum member Spitsfire from Italy has put togother a series of photos of his 3.8m ( 12.5 foot ) axial flux wind turbine. Its a beautifull build, and he's included a CAD file with the windmill plans. In Spitsfire's words....

Hello, I'm new to the forum. Since so many people in recent years are passionate about alternative energy, especially wind energy prodatta. For all these people who want to try their hand at building small homemade wind turbines, helping to dispel all the many uncertainties and many doubts, I suggest that my speech to share with you my experience so that it can be useful to all.

I built a horizontal axis wind turbine with 2 ml kWp. 3.80 in diameter with neodymium magnets alternator 30x50 16 +16 N Grade 42 and 12 coils of 75 turns with wire Ø 1.80 mm. The stator is star connected and the system is 48 Volt Here are the photos:

The Blades


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