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Windmill Kit, no longer supplied.
Turbine Hub Assembly

Mount the bearing plate securely. I use a test post I put together to make windmill assembly easier. The post site 1500mm from the ground, high enough to spin a propeller.

Slide the 3mm rear propeller hub plate onto the shaft until it rests against the main bearing. The three main bolts need to feed in from the back.

Next slide on 3 over sized nuts to space out the next plate. Slide on the first of the small 8mm spline plate. These may be a tight fit, so gently tap home with a hammer and drift. Keep sliding on nuts and plates until you have reached a thickness equal to the propeller blade thickness.

Slide on the front hub plate.

Slide on more nuts until you can fit the front retaining plate. When you tighten up the main propeller retaining nut, the whole assemble should pull down tight and square.

Lastly fit the blades. Spin the propeller to check that all is true and square.



I cant stress how important this is. A unbalanced propeller will cause a severe wobble and loss of power. In a wind free area ( closed workshop ), check that the FULLY assembled propeller does not have a heavy side. To do this give the propeller several gentle spins and see if it stops in the same place, or stops and turns backwards. If you find a heavy side, you need to add weight to the light side.

Included with the windmill kit are 3 plates with elongated slots. These are bolted to the back of the propeller hub and adjusted to get the best propeller balance.

If you opt for the plastic blades, the hub is assembled as above but this time with the plastic blade support plates.
Make sure you space the plates apart correctly ( approx 18mm for the EcoInn blades )
Bolt the blades in place using stainless steel bolts and nylon lock washers
The finished propeller.