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Next drill two 3.5mm holes through the wheel, on each side of the centre hole. Press the wheel back onto the stepper motor.
Cut the length of 90mm diameter PVC pipe length ways in two places at 90 degrees apart, to provide a length of quarter pipe as shown.
Drill a couple of 3.5mm holes in the middle on the quarter 90mm pipe as shown. These holes need to match the holes drilled in the aluminium wheel.
Next cut the pipe as shown. This gives us our propeller profile. Clean up all edges with a file and sand paper to remove any burs.

Cut and drill the piece of 25mm PVC pipe as shown. The slot at the back needs to be wide enough to fit the tail into.

Using the stainless steel hose clamp, clamp the stepper motor to the 25mm PVC pipe as shown. Make sure it is tight. Once in place it should not move.

Next you need to put together your circuit board, details are on the next page.

Cut the 3mm ply wood to a tail shape ( any shape will do, get creative! ) and screw to the 25mm PVC pipe as shown. Position the rectifier circuit board and battery holder on the tail, mark hole location and then drill the tail to suit.
Once you have assembled the rectifier board, screw it and the battery holder in place and wire to the stepper motor.
Lastly bolt the propeller onto the stepper motor. A couple of drops of engine oil on the bearings will help protect them from the weather.
And that's it. You can now mount the windmill on a post with a 8mm bolt screwed into the top as a mast.

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