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Posted: 12:22am 29 Mar 2023      

Hi Mike, I think I can point to some info on this.

So far I have only seen two different types for the 3500W Aerosharp  ...  

Eaglerise and Hefei Ecu-Tamura.

I reckon the one you showed me the other night with the yellow label was an Eaglerise.

The cores for each are quite different size, with the Eaglerise being 205mm OD, 100mm ID and 70mm High.

The Hefei Ecu-Tamura is 185mm OD, 100mm ID and 70mm High.

See pictures and discussion here   ...

The Eaglerise core is a lot rougher than the Hefei Ecu-Tamura  ...  in fact it is made up of lots and lots of short pieces. Mine looked all rough and rusty almost.

The windings were a lot more jumbled and twisted also.

In contrast, the Hefei Ecu-Tamura core was very neat and tidy and made up of one continuous strip with no joins. I know this because I used two of them to add to the cores I used for my big Warpverter core.

See here for some closeups   ...  and you can see some of the overlapping joins. They didn't even bother to butt them together.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE  ...  in the posts at that time I MIXED UP THE TRANSFORMER NAMES ...    

Haxby kindly corrected me and this was the conclusion here   ...