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Vasi's JAL conversion.

One of our regular Forum members, Vasi, has rewritten the PicAxe's basic code into JAL, a general purpose language for PIC chips, meaning it can be used on chips other than the PicAxe.

You can download Vasi's files below, the ZIP file contains an updated circuit diagram an the program listings in JAL and Hex.

A big advantage of Vasi's design is the extra pin we can use. With the PicAxe based PicLog, one pin was either used to as a output to drive a MOSFET to switch a dummy load, or as a input to read wind speed via a anemometer. Vasi's design means we can have both functions.

You can download Vasi's files here.

Also check out the forum thread here.

And some of Vasi's earlier work here.

And this is the free JAL compiler.

Vasi would like to thank Brian and Gill for their help with this project.

Windmans analogue meter update

Windman, another regular on our forum, has added analogue meters to the PicLog. He has two versions, one with the meters across the top and one with the meters down the left side. His code uses a bit of trigonometry to draw the meter needles over a image of the meter face, very clever and easy modified to make your own analogue meters.

You can download Windmans analogue version of the PicLog here.


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