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I was pretty happy with the Lenz2, both as a water pump and as a power generator. For its small size it worked quit well.

But I wanted to go bigger, build a machine with the same or better wind area as my HAWT windmill. So for the next Lenz2 build I planned to make the wings from a standard sized sheet of aluminium. Three 2400*1200 sheets ( 8X4 foot ) would give a turbine 2.1m diameter and 2.4m high. Thats a wind area of 5.04m2.

I lasercut the wing formers from 3mm mild steel.

This is the first wind former fully assembled. The straight lengths are 12.5mm ( half inch ) box section. The dog is there for scale.

The aluminium sheet would be wrapped around this former and pop riveted in place.

The main bearing assembly. Shaft diameter was 50mm. The bottom of the shaft would connect to a univeral joint and car tail shaft to take the power down the middle of the tower.

Below is the tower. Total hight would have been 6 meters, it was to be free standing, with a hinge so I could tilt it over with a gin pole and winch. I planned to mount a gear box and alternator just above the hinge, so it would tilt down with the tower.

Unfortunately, thats as far as I got with this project. I realised I didn't have the space to put up the tower without taking down one of my other windmills. And at the time I couldn't afford the aluminium sheets. So the project was put on hold. Thats was a couple of years ago, I still have all the bits, and I will finish this project off one day.


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