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Kit Contents, Parts Required
Stator Rewire.
Bearing Plate Assembly.
Propeller Blades.
Propeller Hub Assembly.
Final Assembly, Mast Suggestions.

Windmill Kit, no longer supplied..  

This kit is no longer available. See here. These pages will remain online for reference sake.


Base Plate Assembly.

  • Lasercut 8mm steel ( Grade 250 ) parts.
  • Not shown - Hinge tube and shaft.

Propeller Hub Assembly to suit a set of 3 timber blades or 6 plastic blades

  • Lasercut 3mm steel ( Grade 250 ) parts.

The kit once included all nuts and bolts, plus the bearings. But the cost of supplying the kit was more than I was selling them for, so the current kit does not include these parts. However these are easily obtained from you local hardware outlet and bearing supplier. The assembly manual includes details of all the nuts, bolts and bearings. I can supply the bearings is needed for $35.

Parts Required

Fisher & Paykel stator, hub, shaft and retaining plates. These are available from some electrical repair centers, recycling centers or new from Fisher & Paykel.

Or you can contact Michael Lawley at EcoInnovation. He can supply the smartdrive units in quantity, be sure to check out the EcoInnovation web site at http://www.ecoinn.co.nz

You will also need...

  • 20+ meters of 40 amp electrical cable
  • 3 phase rectifier ( car alternator )
  • Trailer stub axle, hub & wheel nuts.*
  • Timber ( 1000mm * 140mm * 45mm pine ) for home made blades, or you can purchase factory made blades, ie as supplied by EcoInn in NZ.
  • A Mast to put it all on.

Nuts, bolts and bearings. These are not included in the kit.


  • 6005 sealed bearing ( same as used in the washing machine)
  • 56205 sealed bearing
  • F205 bearing carier, to suit the 56205


Nuts and Bolts.

Qty Diameter Length Description
1 12mm   Nut & Lock Washer to suit F&P shaft.
4 12mm 40mm Bolts, nuts and lock washers. To hold front bearing.
3 8mm 80mm Bolts, nuts and lock washers. Propeller hub bolts.
12 8mm 70mm Bolts, nuts and lock washers. Used to hold timber blades.
4 6mm 50mm Bolts, nuts and lock washers. To bolt stator to windmill.
12 6mm 40mm Bolts, nuts and lock washers. Used to hold Plastic Blades.
16 10mm   Nuts and washers. Used as spacers in hub assemble.
1 3mm 25mm Spilt Pin. Retains tail boom.

Misc. Wheel nuts to suit hub. Bolts to attach tail to tail boom.

Please note. I do not show any mast construction details due to my requirement that you build your mast to an engineers design, its just to dangerous to have a weak mast.

* The kit will now attach to Holden or Ford 5 stud hubs. The bolt holes are elongated to suit most models.

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