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Cable retainer.

There are three designs I'll show here. The first is the simplest, but no good if you have a tilt tower like mine.

This design is easy to make, as shown in the diagram. Remember you can click on these diagrams and pictures for a full size picture.

The windmill slides over the top of the tower, and relies on gravity to keep it there. The drop wire is secured to the outer tube ( part of the windmill ) with a couple of cable ties, or better still, large hose clamps. It then hangs down the middle of the tower.

A better design uses an small extension on the tower with a bolt to stop the windmill sliding off the top of the tower. As my windmill tower is a tilt tower, when I tilt the tower over the windmill can slide off and damage the blades. So this is the way I went.

The problem is you must guide the power wire down the middle of the extension, or it will get caught on the retaining bolt or bind against the extension inner wall as the windmill yaws.

So you could use a short length of copper tube bent in a U shape, and feed the power wide through this tube. Make sure you secure the copper tube to the windmill's outer tube with hose clamps or U bolts. See the diagram.

Or you could do as I've done and welded a U shaped length of 25mm wide flat bar.
I drilled some holes in the flat bar to take cable ties, you see how I attached the cable in the next couple of pages.
Next clean up your welds and paint the windmill with a durable exterior paint. I used blue Rust Guard.