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Looking for the old instructions?
A few years ago I was selling a
basic windmill kit. As is the case
with the design shown on this
page, the kit suited the F&P
Smartdrive motor, and was
basically a collection of lasercut
steel parts the user could weld
together to form the building
block of their windmill. The Kit
is no longer supplier, but you
can still see the instructions
and maybe get a few idea's
of your own.

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Fisher & Paykel Windmill. Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

This new windmill for the F&P motor was designed to be easy to build, and unlike my previous design, needs no special laser cut parts. You should be able to put it together with some basic metal working tools and a welder. The following pages dont include details on buiding the turbine, rewiring the Smartdrive or connecting it to your system.

You will need....

  • 65mm Box Section, 165mm long.
  • 40mm Box Section, 140mm long.
  • 4 to 8mm plate, 65mm square.
  • 8mm plate, 86mm round
  • 50mm id tube, 200mm long
  • 48mm od tube, Mast length.
  • 16mm rod, 220mm long
  • 22mm od 16mmid tube, 1500mm
  • 56205 bearing and F205 carrier
  • 6005 bearing
  • 300mm of 12mm allthread.
  • 8 12mm nuts to suit
  • Four 6mm bolts, 25mm long.
  • Tap to suit.


Check that both ends of the 65mm box section are square, dont trust the supplier to cut them square for you.
Cut a piece of steel plate 4mm to 8mm thick as shown. The 5mm holes are to be threaded later. (Tip - If you get this plate laser cut, cut the holes smaller than 5mm, then drill to 5mm. Laser cutting hardens the cut edge and this will make taping harder. )
Tac and weld the rear plate onto the 65mm box section, check that it is square.
Cut the 12mm all-thread into 4 lengths of 80mm long. Clean up one end so the nuts go on easily.
Bolt the all-thread to the 56205 bearing as shown, using a nut on both sides.
Sit the bearing on the other end of the 65mm box section. The all-thread will line up with the box corners. Tac each thread in a couple of places to the box section.
Remove the bearing, and fully weld the all-thread's to the box section.