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Fit the front bearing, use a little locktight or split washers to secure the nuts..
Slide in the F&P shaft from the back.
Next you will need the rear bearing support. You can make this from anything durable, ie aluminium, steel, even a bit of plastic or hardwood. It needs to be 7 to 8mm thick. The 47mm hole in the middle needs to be spot on, as this holds the 6005 bearing.
I cheated and used a old bearing plate from an earlier lasercut windmill. Press in the 6005 bearing, should be a tight fit. The bearing sits flush on one side, and pokes out 4mm on the other ( the side that fits into the stator )
Slide the bearing plate over the F&P shaft and fit the retaining nut. Use a little locktight on the bearing where it fits on the shaft, and thread.
Next we mount the stator. Dont forget to use the metal plates that come with the stator.
Bolt the stator to the windmill with the four 6mm bolts. Again use some locktight or spit washers.
Looking from the front, make sure the wires from the stator are not in the way of the tail brace.