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My mast diameter is 48mm od 40mm id. Cut a washer 40mm od and 22mm id. Cut a 40mm length of the 22mm od pipe, then drill a 9 mm hole through one end. Weld these together.
Then weld this into the end of the mast. I pushed mine down into the mast about 5 mm before welding

Weld a 8mm nut over the hole drilled in the side of the 22mm tube. This photo was take after the mast was painted. Check that the windmill can slide over the nut. Once a bolt is fitted, the windmill can't slide off.

Slide the windmill over the tower and screw in the retaining bolt to stop it sliding off. Dont forget to apply some grease to the mast first. You can see the power drop wire poking through the 22mm tube on the end of the mast. Tip - feed your power cable through your mast before you lift it off the ground.
Secure the drop cable to the U bar with cable ties. This U bar will take the weight of the drop wire and feed it down the middle of the 22mm tube. The cable should not rub against the tube as the windmill yaws.
Then connect the drop wire to the rectifier.
This is the propeller I used for my old F&P windmill. The blades were made by Dennis Latham in Adelaide, and I recently reshaped the blade root and gave them a new coat of paint. There are other web sites about making your own timber blades, so I wont go into it here. Check out the websites on my Links page. For more infomation on blades, click here.
These hub plates are lasercut, and have a internal spline that fits the F&P shaft. You might notice the balancing plate on one side. This photo is looking at the back of the propeller.
But for your windmill I would weld a piece of 8mm plate cut like a large washer ( 25mm id, 90mm od) onto the F&P shaft ( push the plate up against the bearing and check its square before welding ), then bolt a larger 300mm diameter 3mm thick disk of steel or aluminium to hold the blades. Use two 3mm plates, one in front and one behind the blades.
The propeller bolted to the windmill. Dont forget to screw on the F&P Hub. I've painted my hub, as they are made of a plastic that will degrade in full sunlight.

And up in the air.

I've skipped a few details, like how to connect the rectifier, modify the stator. Have a look at the F&P section of the Contents page for more information.